Out in Japan Tohoku Project. List of events:




On Sunday March 20th:




-Disaster tour to Ishinomaki (details still to be determined). This event is organised by the Ishinomaki Pacific Rainbow folks (https://twitter.com/ipr2015)




-Closet in Japan (14:30-17:30, Sendai Taihaku Ward Chuo Community Center 4th floor-Japanese room): in this kouryuu event you can talk with locals that have chosen the closet. See what they've got to say and discuss together about coming out.




On Monday March 21st. All events going on in Sendai PIT (http://sendai-pit.team-smile.org)




-Photo Exhibition: throughout the whole day! You'll be able to see the photos of previous photo sessions.




-Talk Event "The Disaster and the LGBT Community": photographer Leslie Kee, among other speakers, will talk about the Great East Japan Earthquake and how it has changed the life of the local sexual minorities. This will be in the morning from 10 AM to 12 PM




-Out In Japan #008 Sendai: the photo session itself will happen in the afternoon and until 10 PM.